Welcome to the Steinwaltz Family web site

Here we are then - the Steinwaltz Family website, first created September 2009.

Where are we?

We live in Poole, Dorset on the South coast of England - see the map.

Who are we?

The Steinwaltz family consists of Carol (Mum), Mark (Dad), Adam (our Son) and Splodge (the Dog) who is a Fox Terrier/Collie mix.

Why the web site?

Well - why not?

The site is mainly for our friends and family but all are welcome!

If you happen on this site by accident please drop us an email - it's Carol, Mark or Adam at Steinwaltz.org.


You can email us at firstname @ steinwaltz.org.

Why not take a look at the business web site - www.dolphinpayroll.co.uk


Some legal type stuff...

Please note that all pictures on this web site and the Photobucket hosting site that we link to have been taken by us and are copyright. You may use them for your own purposes but not for any commercial activity without our written consent.


The site is UNDER DEVELOPMENT - so apologies if some links don't work!

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